Where have the times gone when I used to be so excited and could not wait for Christmas Day. The run up to it took forever and my calendar looked like something from a prison cell wall. Every day meticulously ticked off and it would drag on forever. How many sleeps until Christmas? As a child it is a magical time, lots of fun things are going on in school and at home. The baking, the school fayre, the school disco, the carol concert, decorating the house and so on.

Today as an adult and working mother it is not quite the same. I am now dreading the arrival of Christmas, as the run up to it is filled with stress. Have I remembered everything?

Ordered the children’s Xmas dinner at school yes
Hamper present for school fare done
Paid for school disco I think so
Decorated the house yes
Wrote all the Christmas cards no
Got all the presents some online ones have still not arrived and panic is starting to set in
Food shopping done no dreading it
Work up to date for Xmas break sort of
Planned outfits for kids and me no, nothing fits as have been overeating due to stress of Xmas time
Wrapped all the presents no, hate wrapping and half of presents not even here yet
Christmas baking with kids yes kitchen is a mess and cookies look nothing like picture on recipe. Children got bored towards the end and I’m left with 50 Cookies still to cut out
Present for husband sorted he doesn’t like anything anyway
Been to Christmas carol concert in school yes
Presents for teachers no tomorrow last day of school
Have I got enough booze in NO
Have I got any money left No
House cleaned Not for the last 2 weeks

But oh how lovely to see the kids with not a care in the world counting the sleeps until Father Christmas arrives and their little faces when opening presents. Makes it almost all worthwhile.

3 thoughts on “Christmas”

  1. Yes I’m sure that’s what all mums stress about but us kids have a lot to stress about to……

    Whether you got us good presents or not😂❤️


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