School Trips

pexels-photo-290386.jpegSchool trips should be something fun for everyone involved. The kids get an exiting time away from home, the teachers get a free trip whilst working and the parents get a little break, knowing their child is safe and having fun. This all changes when these trips become a financial burden to families.

My 15-year-old daughter came home and announced the school is organising a trip to New York for all the art, photography and drama students. The cost is £1400. This does not include spending money or food ( but it does include the cost of the teachers going). Let me just make it clear that she is not in a private school for privileged kids, so needless to say I nearly fell off my chair.

Why New York? If it’s for art,drama and photography students surely Paris would have been able to offer enough. Apart from the cost factor I can be in Paris in just over an hour, should God forbid something happened. New York however is a day trip away. Why not ask the bill payer for their opinion first before you dangle the sweets in front of the children’s nose? Paris compared to New York sounds fad now, but if it was offered without the knowledge of New York being an option, all students would have been exited.

Back to the cost of it all. Ok it is 12 months away, time to save up, but a lot of families don’t have the means of putting that much money away every month. It’s just a shame that the children are being put in a class system, while still in high school. So the ones better off go and the others wave them good-by, that’s just sad. I thought the whole idea of school uniforms was so that all children look the same, are treated the same and have the same clothes on. Not one dressed in Prada and the other in Primark. So why do school trips not apply to these rules?

Lucky for my daughter, we have a university fund put aside for her where I can borrow the money from and drip feed it back in over the next few years, otherwise I don’t think she could have gone. For that kind of money I can take the whole family abroad.

Well all there is left to say is that she is exited and I am worried sick.



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